Rep John Conyers Lawyer Issues ‘Back Off’ Or Else Warning

Through his lawyers, Democrat House Representative John Conyers has issued a threat to Congress doing any further investigating. It is obvious that Mr. Conyers and his lawyer do not want the Hose to do an ethics investigation. The lawyers’s statement seems to threaten that many members of Congress will be exposed to charges if this proceeds. 

What kind of rational defense of behavior is that? It reads like a leave me alone or I will tell all I know threat. I say that if there are many more members of Congress behaving like this, Go Ahead, Make My Day. It sounds like we need a good House cleaning to go along with draining the swamp. This is an astounding statement to just read.

As Written By Thomas Lifson for the American Thinker:

We have already reached the cornered animal stage of Democrats caught up in the sexual harassment hysteria.  Is there



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