Reddit Turns to Censorship to Silence Conservatives

Internet site Reddit has recently taken to the censoring of conservative views in a flurry of action over recent months.

The site, which features a plethora of “subReddits” covering all manner of subjects from car manufacturers to hardcore fetish pornography, has recently been accused of silencing voices on a subReddit called “The_Donald” as it was promoting the views of President Trump.  Now, the liberal-leaning overlords of the site have taken aim at yet another right-wing outlet.

“Online community Reddit has banned the “alt-right” subreddit, /r/altright. The ban came down on Wednesday, citing violation of Reddit’s content policy. A similar subreddit, /r/alternativeright, was also banned, though no specific reason was given.

“Reddit is a social platform built on users sharing and discussing content categorised into hundreds of smaller communities called subreddits. Each subreddit is based on a different area of interest.

“Reddit has previously banned other communities for hate speech, illegal content or exposing personal…

Andrew West

Andrew West

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