RED DAWN: China Tests New Nukes As Part of Large Scale MIlitary Buildup

Nothing to worry about folks. China is in the middle a major military buildup of both their conventional and nuclear forces.

They recently tested some new and super powerful nukes, but not to worry, President Obama is on it. He is protecting America. We are fine.

Our strategy of owing so much money to China that they could never afford to annihilate us is working perfectly.

China conducted another flight test of its newest and longest-range intercontinental ballistic missile last week amid growing tensions with the United States over the South China Sea.

Pentagon officials told the Free Beacon the flight test of the new road-mobile DF-41 missile took place Tuesday with two multiple, independently targetable reentry vehicles, or MIRVs, that were monitored in flight by U.S. military satellites and other regional sensors.

Officials did not say where the test took place. Past DF-41 launches were carried out from the Wuzhai Missile…



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