‘Reason to believe that General Flynn pleaded guilty for some reason other than guilt’ [Video]

[VIDEO] General Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to a charge of lying to the FBI. That is what makes this action by the new judge in the case so very remarkable. In this interview, Judge Andrew Napolitano covers all the questions. Was General Flynn forced into a bad deal? Does the new judge believe that the prosecution acted improperly? That would explain his order to Robert Mueller.

As Written and Reported By Nick Givas for the Daily Caller:

Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano said it’s possible former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn is innocent and was forced to plead guilty to lying to federal agents for reasons other than guilt.

“I’ve never heard of this. So Mike Flynn pleads guilty to lying to the FBI in December. The judge before whom he pleads guilty takes himself off the case. Why? Because that judge is also on the FISA court.



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