REAGAN Won With This – Are You Better Off Than 8 Years Ago?

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Much has been said by the Main Stream media that the success Mrs. Clinton is having in the black community will propel her to the nomination and the Presidency.  Some black leaders have questioned the idea that black people will vote in mass for Hillary.  I remember the great success that Ronald Reagan had against Jimmy Carter when he asked the American people this simple question, “Are you better off today than you were 4 years ago?”

Donald Trump or whoever is the Republican nominee, needs to start asking this question every day, “No matter what group you are Black, White, Hispanic, Asian or Native American, are you better off today under Barack Obama and his policies than you were 8 years ago?”

Do you have a good paying job?  Is your neighborhood secure?  Have you lost a family member or friend or perhaps both to violence? Has…



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