Putin Spokesman tells CNN Ambassador Met with Clinton’s People Too!

Vladimir Putin’s Press Secretary and spokesman Dmitry Peskov sat down with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria over the weekend to discuss Russia’s place on the American political landscape today. Zakaria, of course, focused on Russia’s impact on the recent presidential election.

Zakaria:Let me ask you very directly, did the Russian government have any collaboration or serious communication back and forth with Donald Trump’s campaign during the election campaign last year?

Peskov:The answer is very simple. No. The fact that Russia is being demonized in that sense comes very strange to us. We are really sorry about that. The whole situation takes us away from the perspective of getting our relationship to a better condition. We quite unexpectedly we were faced a situation when Russia, all of a sudden became a nightmare for the United States. We cannot sincerely understand why American people and American politicians started the process of self-humiliation. You’re…



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