Putin says “I am Not a Woman, so I Don’t have Bad Days”

By Andrew West

Russia has pushed itself to the forefront of global politics in recent months, at the behest of their absurd leader Vladimir Putin.

The overtly masculine Russian President has become much like a caricature of himself as the years go on, continuously rebranding his particular style of machismo in ever-increasing ways.  One could speculate all they want about what this obvious overcompensation truly means for Putin the man, as opposed to Putin the leader, but that particular foray into wonderment is more than many of us could stomach.

On the world’s stage, however, that has made Putin a bit of a liability.  The man simply refuses to allow himself to lose at anything, and that creates a bit of danger in dealing with him and the Kremlin.  In his quest to suppress all who are simply not himself, Vladimir Putin has made one of the crudest and most incendiary remarks we’ve heard in…



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