Putin Has Started The Second Cold War

Putin Suspends Nuclear Deal (Image: MGN)

The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has suspended the nuclear pact between Russia and the United States today. He claims that the United States has not upheld their end of the deal. The Kremlin also has released a long list of grievances against Washington.

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has suspended the treaty with Washington on getting rid of weapon-grade plutonium. Many now fear that he is using it as a tactic to put nuclear disarmament on the table as a bargaining chip in disputes with the US.

The agreement started back in the last year of the Cold War. Russia and the United States signed a series of deals that they both would slowly decrease their nuclear payloads. So far the treaties have continued to remain untouched, until today.

The Kremlin said they issued the suspension of the pact because of unfriendly acts by…



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