Protesting Illegal Aliens Chant “You Are A Liar!” Force Nancy Pelosi Off Stage

The Democrats are getting a taste of their own medicine, as their radical leftist followers turn against liberal leadership. From the moment that The Donald defeated Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, a “resistance” was born that would influence the way in which the entire country recognizes the highest office in the land.  But now the brainwashed lemmings, after being conditioned with a message of resistance for almost a year are angry that progressive leaders are negotiating with President Trump.

On Monday Pelosi joined fellow Democratic California Reps. Barbara Lee and Jared Huffman were supposed to speak about DACA, which would provide a path to legal status Illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. at a young age. But didn’t get much of a chance.

“Where were you when we asked [you] to defend our parents? And now you tell us, you have the audacity, to tell us you have been fighting deportation?”



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