Professor Under Attack For Refusal To Use Gender Neutral Pronouns

Political correctness has become one of the banes of our modern existence, encroaching on some of the world’s most coveted freedoms.

Worse yet, a large portion of Americans seems to be capitulating to those who would forever neuter our First Amendment for the sake of preventing a small portion of the population from being offended.

This problem becomes exacerbated on college campuses as well, thanks to academia’s heavy liberal slant.  The “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings” are a softening of the college experience that is denying America’s young adults from the hardships and full experience of their formative first years outside of the nest.  College is for confronting the brutal truths of the world and learning where your morality fits in the fight against the status quo.  The experience you receive in higher educations should never be a coasting, breezy, and comfortable ride into beliefs that you’ve held your entire

Andrew West

Andrew West

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