Professor Accuses Conservative Students of Probably Receiving Russian Funding

Since the Democrats and MSM are not winning the narrative on Russia collusion, a college professor steps up to accuse Conservative students of being funded by Russia.

A biology professor recently told a group of conservative students that their organization, Turning Point USA, is “probably receiving Russian funding.”

Unfrickin’ believable! Who’s next? Is he going to accuse kids in elementary schools of receiving Russian funding?

The professor had stopped to challenge the students on their “Big Government Sucks” sign, asking them “who is profiting” from their advocacy of smaller government when they denied being sponsored by the Kremlin.


A biology professor at the University of Houston, Clear Lake told a conservative student group on campus that they are “probably receiving Russian funding.”

Video footage obtained by Campus Reform shows the professor, identified by students as Dr. Michael LaMontagne, confronting representatives of the local chapter of Turning Point USA



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