President Trump’s Energy Plan Frees U.S. From Foreign Influence

Looks like President Trump’s Energy Plan is already coming to the forefront of his presidency. Would you look at that? A president who actually takes action.

Well, he’s doin it.

The man wasn’t even in office for 5 minutes before already starting to make this country great again!

President Trump’s Energy Plan

As soon as the clock struck noon, Trump’s team got rid of all that social liberal snowflake crap and got replaced it with real issues. While all the leftists are crying about civil rights and what bathroom can they use now, let’s all take a moment and appreciate that President Trump is now making energy a priority.

That’s right. He got rid of the global warming power grab by Democrats from the White House’s website and replaced it with his own brilliant plan, The America First Energy Plan!

And he’s not just making energy a priority, he’s…



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