Pres. Trump To Iran: The Days Of U.S. Appeasement & Capitulation Are Over

In a speech to the nation of Friday, President Trump announced he would not certify the Iran nuclear deal but instead of asking Congress to reimpose sanctions on the rogue nation, he asked Congress to revise Corker-Cardin (officially the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act -INARA) to set trigger points that would reinstate sanctions on Tehran if it doesn’t meet certain requirements. But what he really announced was the days of a President of the United States and the national security team appeasing Iran and capitualting to their every demand are over.  This is a new President who puts America first, unlike the old one who put his “legacy” first.

What follows are notes from a telephone briefing about the Iran plan given by Secretary of State Tillerson Thursday evening, below that is the text of President Trump’s speech Friday, announcing his plan to the American people.

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