Pres. of American College of Pediatricians Sure to Offend Libs With TransGender Kids Announcement

Liberals continue to push the idea of transgender and transgenderism on Americans. They are not going to like this one bit! After reading what the President of the American College of Pediatricians said, their heads are going to explode. The liberal’s argument for gender being ‘fluid’ is going to take a back seat after this news. Let’s face it folks, the transgender uprising today is a neglectful phenomenon of liberals that is harming our children.

As noted by The Daily Signal, three doctors took part in a panel discussion at The Heritage Foundation to discuss the dangers associated with relying on feelings rather than facts with regards to treating children who believe they’re transgender.

The Heritage Foundation’s Ryan Anderson led the Oct. 11 panel, which featured Drs. Michelle Cretella, Paul Hruz and Allan Josephson.

Cretella, who currently serves as the president of the American College of Pediatricians in Gainesville,



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