Potential Terrorists “Accidentally” Granted Citizenship

Obama Is Granting Fugitive Immigrants Citizenship (Image: MGN)

Over 800 immigrants were granted citizenship by mistake. An internal audit of the Department of Homeland Security discovered the error. Over 300,000 known illegal immigrants waiting for deportation are missing digital fingerprint records. The same problem occurred in 2008 when over 200 immigrants were discovered with citizenship under false names.

It seems that the Obama Administration is unable to keep track of the countless illegal immigrants that are “detained” inside the United States borders. An internal audit of the Department of Homeland Security was released on Monday and the findings weren’t great. Over 800 immigrants who were in holding under pending deportation orders were “mistakenly” granted citizenship.

The audit discovered that the immigrants applied for citizenship under different names or birthdates to both U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Unfortunately, no fingerprints were on file for the immigrants which allowed the discrepancies to…



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