Poll shows foul language curbs movie revenue

It seems clear that everyday conversation in America has become coarser in recent years, but it doesn’t mean that the typical Hollywood film laced with language your grandmother would have punished with soap reflects reality or even makes good economic sense, contends a prominent film critic.

In fact, a new Harris poll shows that filmmakers who use the f-word and take the name of Jesus Christ in vain risk losing some of their audience.

The poll confirms extensive, in-depth surveys by Ted Baehr’s family-friendly publication Movieguide that examine some 150 different criteria that affect box office receipts.

“One of the things that annoys audiences most is foul language, and one of the largest audiences is the 115 million to 145 million that go to church,” Baehr told WND.

Baehr, chairman of the Christian Film and Television Commission, pointed out that among churchgoers, it’s estimated that only about 25 million go

Art Moore

Art Moore

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