Poll Numbers Crash After Dem Senate Candidate in Alabama Calls Own State an “Embarrassment”!

Doug Jones, the Alabama Democrat running for the Senate, crashed in the polls opening an 11 point lead for opponent Roy Moore after he was caught calling his own state an embarrassment.

Recent Fox News polling had Jones neck and neck with his opponent Roy Moore.

Before Jones’ remarks, a Fox News Poll had the two tied at 42 percent apiece. A Senate poll commissioned by Raycom News Network now shows Republican candidate Roy Moore with a double-digit lead of 11 points, the best polling yet for Moore.

Moore had 51 percent support among those polled to Jones’ 40 percent. Nine percent were undecided. The survey polled 3,000 LIKELY Alabama voters.

(We here at Joe for America knew the Fox News poll was faulty for many reasons anyway, but great headline…yes? Recent, and more accurate polling, had Moore at between a 6 to 8 percentage point advantage. Sorry Jones, you were



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