Politics In Sacramento Is A Blood Bath

Politics Get Physical In Sacramento Brawl (Image: MGN)

Mayor Kevin Johnson of Sacramento got into a bloody fist fight with a protester last night. A protester, Sean Thompson, threw a pie at the mayor’s face. Johnson, apparently, tackled Thompson to the ground and hit him repeatedly in the face. Thompson was arrested for assaulting a public figure.

Politics used to be the image of older men and women debating over policies and legislation. That has changed. Now, picture two politicians going to head to head in a bloody brawl that resembles something you might see at center ice between opposing players on a hockey team. The last politician standing wins. If politics were more like a clumsy fist fight in hockey gear more people might actually appreciate it.

Well, last night Sacramento dove into new waters with its political system. Kevin Johnson, the former NBA star, Berkley standout, and mayor of…



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