Police Union Slams NY Mayor For Inviting Cop Hater Kaepernick To Speak To Prison Inmates

Former NFL player Colin Kaepernick is many things, but a friend to police he is not. Despite this obvious truth, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (who is also disliked by New York’s Finest) thought Kaepernick was the best person to talk to inmates to rile them up against the police who guard them. And the police are rightfully furious.

Kaepernick was invited to tour the famed New York prison and to hold royal court with the prisoners on Tuesday, December 12, according to The New York Post, Kaepernick started his day by having breakfast with Rikers’ warden.

Of course, the union that represents guards at Rikers were furious when city authorities invited the notorious cop hating, former San Francisco 49ers player to visit the prison to talk to inmates about so-called “social justice” issues.

There is a good reason for police to be upset at the invitation. After all,



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