Police Assisted Suicide Gone Right: ISIS Edition

Refugees Are Terrorist Sleeper Cells (Image: MGN)

A number of people were injured on a train in Southern Germany after a teenage Afghan refugee attacked passengers with an axe. So far no deaths have been recorded, but a family from Hong Kong was seriously injured. There have been reports that the attacker yelled “Allah Akbar” during his attack and investigators are looking into the claim.

Germany was the target of a brutal attack yesterday. Passengers on a southern Germany train were left with nowhere to run, as a teenage Afghan refugee began attacking patrons with an axe.

A group from Hong Kong may have gotten the worst of it. Three people in their group (a 62-year-old man, his 58-year-old wife, their 27-year-old daughter, her 31-year-old boyfriend)  were seriously injured, one luckily was left with only slight injuries. Although, fourteen people were treated for shock after the assault.

It was reported that as…



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