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Plantational. Write that word down, there’ll be a quiz later. That was the word used by Perquita Burgess when describing Bill O’Reilly’s demeanor. Aside from her other concerns about his actions, burps, farts, grunts, and a preference for “hot chocolate,” she invented a new word to describe his overall view of the black race, plantational! My word! That’s not playing the race card, that’s stacking the deck.

No other nation in history has had as much trouble with its slaves as has the United States. Couldn’t keep ‘em, couldn’t let ‘em go, can’t reason with them, can’t even discuss the subject openly because no one understands the “black experience” and we all have white guilt because we’re PLANTATIONAL! The memory of slavery is so ingrained into black DNA that it pre-empts everything! You can’t even discuss the weather without having to be reminded that someone’s great,



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