#Piegate Rocks Washington; Sarah Sanders “Caught” By Troll, April Ryan!

Just when you think liberal “journalists” can’t get any more desperate to disparage this administration, April Ryan steps up to the plate. April Ryan, White House correspondent and the Washington, D.C., bureau chief for American Urban Radio Networks, spent her holiday weekend in a twitter war that is making even liberals scratch their heads. This woman has a serious ax to grind and her vendetta is simply getting laughable.

Sarah Sanders has the hardest job in Washington. Being White House Press Secretary and dealing with a room full of people just dying to catch you in a “gotcha” question day after day would be enough to drive a person crazy. But Sanders handles it with such incredible intelligence, integrity and wit. She thinks so quick on her feet when asked the most asinine questions. Ms. Ryan actually recently asked her if the President supports slavery. Sarah put her in her place



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