[Photos] GAME OVER! Empty Stadiums Last Weekend Terrify NFL Owners

Colin Kaepernick and Co. have broke football and now the boycott is even reaching die-hard fans who actually go to live games, not just declining ratings,

Up until now, because teams have been lowering ticket prices, (49ers tix went as low as the price of two pretzels), stadium attendance was not being visually effected. The unseen bottom dollar was because of declining prices.

But now teams are having a real hard time filling seats, and this last weekend showed us just how bad it was!

Professional football is no longer America’s favorite sport as the NFL loses popularity due to players’ continuing to protest during the National Anthem. After months of ongoing controversy, the devastating impact on the NFL is evident with emerging pictures on social media of stadiums with vacant seats throughout the league.

Just look:

LOOK, this is YESTERDAY!! LOL! pic.twitter.com/7qwpRtk2c2

— Chuck Nellis (@ChuckNASCAR) October 16,



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