Pentagon Begins First Ever Financial Audit and Congress Is Terrified!

For decades, the Pentagon has been the largest purveyors of wasted money in the United States government, and we are about to find out exactly how bad it has been.

Now before we begin, let me make it clear. I am totally for spending every dime our Pentagon needs to adequately keep our country safe. I am also very pro-business and believe that contractors should make a profit within the bounds of supply and demand.

I do not however, condone waste fraud and abuse. There is a reason that I often quote Herman Cain when he said that the federal government cannot micro-manage.

(Yes, Senator John McCain and Senator Bob ‘Cork the Dork’ Corker… BUSTED BOYS!)

The Pentagon should have, a long time ago, been scrutinized closely with their spending. Especially considering the huge budget of tax-payer monies that they use. I do not believe that money has been used



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