PayPal bans Jihad Watch based on SPLC ‘hate’ smear

The Internet payment company PayPal banned the website of Islam expert Robert Spencer from using its service after a far-left news service accused Jihad Watch of “extreme hostility toward Muslims.”

Spencer told WND he was contacted by a reporter with ProPublica, a non-profit that conducts investigative journalism, and asked about the controversial Southern Poverty Law Center’s designation of Jihad Watch as a “hate group.”

Robert Spencer

Asked by reporter Lauren Kirchner if he disagreed with the designation, Spencer replied, “Yes, I certainly do,” noting that for years, “leftists and Muslim groups with numerous ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood have smeared as ‘hate’ all attempts to speak honestly about the motivating ideology behind jihad terrorism.”

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But the ProPublica article produced by the reporting of Kirchner and three others,

Art Moore

Art Moore

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