Patriot Defense Weekly: A Conservative Approach To Evacuation

As you have by now heard, Hurricane Matthews wrecked Hati and Cuba and is now causing havoc in Florida and the rest of the south-eastern United States. I hope you don’t have the misfortune of being caught in its crosshairs, but if you do then you might find it prudent to evacuate you and your family. Knowing how and when to evacuate is something that everyone, everywhere, should be aware of and have a plan for.  After all, as a conservative, it’s  always important to be prepared.

For starters, evacuations are far more common than people realize and no matter where you live, you should know how and when to leave. The most common evacuation scenarios in the United States are fires and floods, but they are not the only ones. Making the decision to flee can be tough and sometimes it’s even the right decision to stay.

In this article, I…



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