Palin: Moore Victory Will Inspire Other Grassroots Candidates

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin told a raucous crowd on Thursday evening that if grassroots Alabama Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore defeats D.C. establishment Senator Luther Strange on Tuesday, it will inspire more grassroots candidates across the country to challenge establishment politicians who are selling them out.

Palin, along with former White House adviser Sebastian Gorka, campaigned for Moore after his debate with Strange.

Palin told the crowd that if Moore wins on Tuesday, “he’s going to be an inspiration for the rest of the country” and motivate other grassroots candidates to “rise up and take on their own Swamp creatures in their own states.”

Palin, whose endorsement in GOP primaries since 2008 (ask Nikki Haley) has arguably been the most coveted and influential, said the D.C. establishment is scared of Moore because he cannot be controlled and answers only to the people of Alabama like former Sen. Jeff



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