OUTRAGEOUS: PC Police Claim A Scalp At University of Kansas

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University of Kansas professor, Andrea Quenette, is on leave. Not really voluntary leave. Her students refused to return to her class.

What did she do to deserve this treatment? She ventured into forbidden territory reserved only for rappers and black people.

Mz. Quenette is white and while discussing racism in her class she used the “N” word. She didn’t call anyone the “N” word or disparage anyone, she just said what every rapper on the planet makes a commonplace lyric.

This crime against the PC Police was too much to bear. She will now pay, perhaps with her career. Why aren’t the students who refused to go to class getting “F”s?

Details from The Daily Beast:

The movement to purge all offensive speech from American college campuses has claimed another scalp. Andrea Quenette, an assistant communications professor, was chased out of her own classroom—not because she was…



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