‘Outpouring of selfless acts’ a foundation for Houston recovery

By Jacque Havelka

Editor’s note: Jacque Havelka is a contributor to WND. This is her first-person account of surviving Hurricane Harvey.

Never underestimate the power of water. My parents drilled this mantra into my head as a young girl growing up in San Antonio in an area prone to flash floods. I’ve lived in Houston for 30 years, and as such, have lived through several hurricanes. The worst (until Harvey) was Hurricane Ike in 2008. Ike had 145 mph sustained winds, and the eye of the storm passed right over us. I had never experienced anything like it.

In Texas, we have sweet gum trees that produce ping-pong sized seed balls. Believe me, there’s nothing quite like a seed ball hitting your window at 145 mph. My husband and kids slept right through Ike, but my ever-watchful Jack Russell Terrier named Dude and I were awake through it



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