OUR Freely Elected President Trump: Globally Minded And Domestically Focused

The “Never Trump” movement and the alt-left will do anything and tell any lie to derail the administration of our newly freely elected president.  I  highlight, “elected”, here because Americans picked Donald Trump against everyone else.  Despite our 241 years of elections in the US, I find it incredibly odd the kind of enemies Trump has pulled out of the woodwork.  Even when he was officially the nominee he was attacked by some members of the party establishment.  And even now, the Republicans in congress are offering their style of slow and questionable support.  That’s doesn’t really surprise me. What we should find strange is this Russian conspiracy and its international connections.

OUR Freely Elected President Trump

In the middle of our election last year foreign heads of state started to complain about Donald Trump’s campaign and criticize his policies.  German Chancellor Angela Merkel, former President Vicente Fox, British…



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