O’Reilly on Trump’s Disputed Call to Soldier’s Widow: ‘Whole Thing Has the Look of a Setup’

After Democrat Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson made false accusations about President Trump, former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly stepped up and suggested the MSM are just using the unsubstantiated claims to attack Trump.

On Tuesday, Wilson told multiple media outlets, including CNN, that Trump told the widow of one of the four U.S. servicemen who were killed during an Oct. 4 attack in Niger that “he knew what he signed up for, but I guess it still hurt.”

According to Time Magazine, Staff Sgt. Bryan Black, Staff Sgt. Jeremiah Johnson, Staff Sgt. Dustin Wright, and Sgt. La David Johnson were killed, while two others were injured during the attack carried out by more than 50 ISIS-affiliated fighters.

Wilson claimed she was present when the call took place between Trump and Myeshia Johnson, the widow of La David Johnson.

However, O’Reilly said the situation feels like a set-up from the mainstream media to attack Trump.




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