Oregon Passes The Most Extremist, Barbaric Abortion Bill In The Country

If Oregon’s newly passed abortion bill merely forced all state resident to fund abortions no matter what the individual taxpayer’s moral standing on life issues, it would be awful. But this new law not only breaches that redline and goes way past it without blinking.

The new Oregon law forces taxpayers to fund for all kinds of abortion including late-term and even gender selection. Mull over that one, a pregnant woman who is eight months pregnant can decide she doesn’t like the wallpaper choices for a girl’s room and abort her daughter so she can go for a boy. Yes that is an extreme example…but under the new law it would be totally legal.

The Oregon legislature passed a bill, without the support of a single Republican legislator, that will FORCE every citizen of their state to play a role in the murder of thousands of children. To make matters worse, the state’s Democrats…



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