Open Borders Advocate George Clooney Moves Back To US Because Of Terrorism

By Keely Sharp

The latest hypocritical open borders advocate to come back to the United States for safety is actor- renaissance man George Clooney.The liberal blowhard just moved his wife Amal and their newborn twins, Ella and Alexander, BACK to Los Angeles. Which last time I looked at a map is located in the United States of America……which he left because he disagrees with our border policy.

Why would he move his family back into a country that he seemingly hates and disagrees with? It’s simple. He may be critical of a border wall, but he is not against moving his family away from his England estate and back into America to protect them from terrorism (shhhhh-radical Islamic terrorism).

The Oscar-winner realized that his 17th Century mansion wasn’t secure enough. So at 56-years-old, he tucked tail and ran back to his California mansion that features a — you guessed it —  wall.




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