Oops…Team Hilz Marketing Mistake! Vote For Hillary – Get Syphilis

In a recent campaign ad Hillary Co. has attempted to capture the heart of the young American male.

The ad has caused quite a guffaw among real men across the country. If this millennial model is the picture of what manhood is, we’re doomed.

Gone are the days of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood. Manly men have been replaced by weaklings with cool hair and nice tats! Oh don’t forget the beard, that makes you a real man.

Hill Hipster

In an even funnier marketing mistake…this oh- so-masculine model had already used his furry face in an ad for syphilis! You can’t make this stuff up.

Nobody bothered to check when they chose the beautifully bearded image of a man to see where else his manhood had been used.

Hill Hipss2

I guess the mistake just about sums up a Hillary presidency.

A vote for President Hillary will be a mistake you will regret forever, kind of like a venereal disease.

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