OOPS! Young Reporter Accidentally Calls Hillary…Monica And Promptly Gets Kicked Out

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Young reporter, Elise Goodvin of the Iowa High School newspaper, The Little Hawk, made a horrible mistake at a recent Hillary rally.

After talking for several hours to a new friend named Monica in press row, Ms. Goodvin obviously had Monica on the brain. So when she had the opportunity to speak, she accidentally called Secretary Clinton by the infamous name.

Infamous, because Monica Lewinsky was the name of her husband’s famous lover.

OOPS! Sometimes you just wish you could rewind the words.

From Campus Editor:

Have you ever said something and the first thought you have after is “oh fuck”? One of those moments where you’re not really thinking straight, and inadvertently words come tumbling out of your mouth, words which compose the worst possible sentence you could say at that given time to the person you’re speaking to?

Well at least you haven’t called the current…



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