On campus: Dead babies, screaming socialists

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The following column contains graphic images of aborted children and may be disturbing to some readers.)

America’s longest war is slogging it out in colleges across the land. It’s bloody and vicious, but gets little coverage because its victims are silent. This is our 44-year war against abortion. Cluster bombs were first dropped from the Supreme Court in 1973 and are still raging – particularly in places like Portland State University.

For a few days last week, Portland State (PSU) was a warzone of clashing protestors over the ethics of terminating human life. Graphic anti-abortion installations hosted by the Center for Bioethical Reform (CBR) drew crowds of onlookers and a wide range of reactions. Some were baffled and many were angry over explicit photographs of aborted fetuses greeting them in the heavily trafficked college green.

Crowd gathers at CBR anti-abortion display at PSU, Oct 16. Photo: Lincoln Brandenburg



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