Oklahoma Teacher’s Union Demands Boycott of Christian College Students

Oklahoma Wesleyan University’s President, Everett Piper. suggested that the bad ideas presently being taught in our nation’s schools might, at least in part, be responsible for the bad behavior we are seeing in our national news.

That was all it took. The liberals then went screwy… over the truth!

It is important to note that Oklahoma school districts are in a huge teacher shortage. They are trying to fill more than 500 teaching vacancies as a new school year begins despite eliminating more than 1,500 teaching jobs since last school year.

In other words — and call me crazy here — I am openly wondering if what Richard Weaver wrote of in his seminal 1948 classic, “Ideas Have Consequences,” might actually be true: Education matters and what we teach in our classrooms does actually get practiced in our culture.

More to the point, in these very pages on Nov. 29, 2017, in



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