Oh SNAP! Kellyanne Conway Calls Out Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi is not only an idiot, but she’s a hypocrite as well! She defended the VILE sexual joke made by a liberal representative, about Kellyanne Conway.

Here it is again:

[embedded content]

Kellyanne did not take lightly to this joke. It was disgusting and really showed the character of liberals. If the roles were reversed, and she’d been a liberal woman, there would have been hell to pay. “And, it is not just ‘if I were a liberal woman,’ but ‘if I were a pro-abortion one,’” Conway said.

Conway said on Fox News Sunday morning that she was “very disappointed” that Pelosi refused to condemn the nasty joke.

“She either was not telling the truth — that she wasn’t aware of it — or it wasn’t important enough to her caucus that they would bring this to her attention,” Conway said. “She had nothing to…



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