Obama’s Refugee America

Obama’s Refugee America (Image: MGN)

We all know that Obama is planning to bring thousands of “refugees” into America. We have heard it talked about time and time again. Well, it appears that Obama’s target goal of 10,000 refugees by September will be accomplished.

Last month alone 2,340 refugees entered into the United States, according to the State Department. So far, that is the most refugees that have entered at one time. At the moment, 7,900 refugees have arrived in the United States. Only a few thousand remain until Obama reaches his goal of 10,000.

I find it ironic, hypocritical, and a bit pathetic, that politicians are constantly whining about the state of the economy and the high level of unemployment, yet the do nothing to fix it. In fact, instead of fixing the problem, they would rather bring in more people to increase the problem. So you think bringing…



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