Obama’s Lame Duck Tour – Just Lame

Commentary by Dan Perkins:

The President’s farewell tour hasn’t been much of a tour, the Castro brothers didn’t meet him at the airport, nobody from the royal family in Saudi Arabia met him at the airport, and when he arrived in London he was greeted with, “Butt Out”.  He still has Germany, which should be fun, and finally Japan to look forward to, where he will apologize for the dropping of the nuclear bomb on Hiroshima.

It’s clear to me that several of the nations on the President’s farewell tour didn’t really want him there.  Who could forget the fact that neither of the Castro brothers met the President when he landed in Havana, after 80 some years since a President of United States had visited the island nation!  Not to be outdone, when he arrived in Saudi Arabia, nobody from the royal family met him at the airport. Upon his arrival in…



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