Obama’s FBI & DHS Warned That Antifa Was Getting Violent In April 2016

At least Emperor Nero practiced his fiddle while Rome burned. The only thing Obama did when the FBI warned him about the liberal hate group Antifa early in 2016  was put his fingers in his ears and sing, “la, la, la,”

Over the course of the last few weeks, the world has become acquainted with the radical left’s “Antifa” movement; a black-clad extremist group that has formed within the liberal confines of America. These radicalized anarchists have attempted, sometimes successfully, in toppling or removing statues of American veterans, censoring free speech on college campuses, and otherwise terrorizing innocent fellow Americans at every turn.

While many liberals believe that the radical leftist group is a brand new phenomenon and some sort of reaction to the election of Donald Trump,  according to newly unearthed reports from within the federal government the violent liberal hate groups is not that new. It

Andrew West and Jeff Dunetz

Andrew West and Jeff Dunetz

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