Obama Throws Temper Tantrum Over Trump

The Many Colors Of Obama’s Tantrums (Image: MGN)

President Obama recently went off on the subject of Trump being a populist. While at a North America Leader’s Summit he ranted on and on to the Canadian Prime Minister and the President of Mexico about it. He went on to say that HE was the true populist, and how HIS campaign was all about the people, not Trump.

President Barack Obama has added a new quarrel, to the long list,  between himself and GOP front-runner Donald Trump. Apparently, Obama isn’t very excited about the fact that people are saying that Trump is leading a populist revolution. 

“Maybe somebody can pull up in the dictionary quickly the phrase ‘populism’ but I’m not prepared to concede the notion that some of the rhetoric that’s been popping up is populist,” Obama said.

Trump’s rise to the political spectrum seemed to come from nowhere, yet, whether…



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