Obama Needs To Be A Man & Take Responsibility About Benghazi

Obama’s Weakness Killed Americans In Benghazi (Image: MGN)

The House Committee released a report on the attacks in Benghazi, that shows that the Obama administration was at fault for the deaths in the attack. A meeting was called three hours into the attacks to discuss what the proper action should be. They had troops waiting for up to 18 hours for orders to deploy into Libya. The State Department continued to blame an anti-Islam video for the attacks when no evidence proves the theory.

The House Committee, the committee that has been investigating the Benghazi attacks, came out with a report today that has made President Obama and Hillary Clinton start to sweat. 

In their report, they faulted the Obama administration for a handful of “missteps” not only during the Benghazi attacks but before and after them as well. Their investigation discovered that while top administration officials were wasting precious hours…



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