Obama Just Made Us The United States Of Refugee America

Welcome To The United States Of Refugee America (Image: MGN)

The Obama Administration has expanding the Central American Minors Program to permit more unaccompanied minor “refugees” to enter the United States. It now allows siblings, biological parents, and caregivers to enter in with minors into the United States. The government wants to help immigrants that are fleeing their country because of violence and gang activity.

It was announced yesterday that the Obama Administration is expanding the program that allows Central Americans to enter the United States as refugees. Their reasoning behind it? They acknowledged the fact that the current system isn’t stopping people from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras from entering the country…their proposed way to fix it? Just let them in.

The Obama Administration is claiming that the expansion will not include all Central Americans trying to gain entry into the United States. They did add an addition to the Central…



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