Obama Is Soft On Federal Crime

Say Goodbye To Private Prisons (Image: MGN)

The Justice Department is getting rid of the use of privately owned prisons to house inmates. The majority of privately owned prisons are used to house low-level security risk criminals. However, this decision will not affect ICE prisoners because ICE is a part of the Department of Homeland Security. By next year, the population of privately owned prisons will be down to 14,000.

The U.S. Justice Department has recently stepped forward with some interesting news. There will no longer be the assistance of private prisons to hold convicted felons. Why you may ask. Well, they have cited that contracted prisons decrease public safety as well as minimize the benefits for taxpayers. After all, it’s the taxpayers that pay for the prisons.

Reports from privately owned contracted prisons, gathered by the Justice Department general inspector, have shown more incidents of inmate contraband, higher percentage of…



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