Obama Is An “Honorable” Man

Obama Starts His Campaign For His 3rd Term (Image: MGN)

Being a good speaker does not make you a good President. The reverse is also true. Being a bad speaker does not make you a bad President. Barack Obama is not only a good speaker, but he is a great one, the proof of him being a “great” President is still to be seen. In fact, I remember when he first started running. He was great. He did better with a teleprompter at the beginning but now he has perfected the element of an “off the cuff” speech.

He is such a good speaker because of one aspect. He knows how to sway an audience. He knows how to pull the heartstrings of the particular crowd he is addressing, and make them bleed for his cause. He is articulate. He is passionate. He is put together, and strong. For these…



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