Obama Is Actively Supporting ISIS And Hillary Knows It

Obama Is Actively Supporting ISIS And Hillary Knows It (Image: MGN)

Hillary has received classified information that shows how the Obama Administration is actively supporting Al Qaeda and the Islamic State. They were supporting Muhammad Al Adnani, the speaker of then Al Qaeda and now ISIS, to overthrow the Syrian dictator. The report gives an extensive background on their backing of Al Qaeda. It also predicts the rise of “Islamic State” groups that would form from Al Qaeda.

Hillary Clinton received a classified intelligence report stating that the Obama administration was actively supporting Al Qaeda in Iraq, the terrorist group that became the Islamic State.

The memo made clear that Al Qaeda in Iraq was speaking through Muhammad Al Adnani, who is now the senior spokesman for the Islamic State, also known as ISIS. Western and Gulf states were supporting the terrorist group to try to overthrow Syrian dictator Bashar…



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