Obama Funny Money: DOJ Settlement Cash Now Funding Anti-Trump ‘Resistance’

One aspect of peculiar operations in the Obama administration has gotten little press but merits a thorough investigation.  That aspect is the administration’s use of government agencies to move money around, in ways that surprised and troubled watchdogs, and often didn’t add up. Some of it may be used presently to fund political activism against Trump administration policies.

Some related topics have been covered at length, such as the money waste from the 2009 stimulus package, and the billions of dollars plowed by the taxpayer into Obama’s “green” energy cronies.

But I’m speaking here of a different type of activity.  In this type, the Obama administration used the authority of the executive branch to move money around in obscure and legally questionable ways.  For some of these transactions, there was enough transparency to at least determine where the money went.  For others, we’re still waiting to find out (and perhaps we never



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