Obama Endorses Hillary (And We Aren’t Surprised)

Obama Endorses Hillary (And We Aren’t Surprised) (Image: MGN)

President Barack Obama has finally placed his endorsement behind Hillary Clinton. Obama will be campaigning alongside Hillary in Wisconsin later in June. In a video released by the Democratic party, Obama said that Hillary might be the most qualified candidate to ever seek the presidency.

Finally, Barack Obama is able to endorse his BFF, Hillary Clinton, for President. I’m sure he was about to burst with the anticipation of her becoming the Democrats presumptive nominee. Everyone knows the President has been waiting, for what seems like ages, to throw his endorsement into the ring. Yet he didn’t stop at the endorsement, he advised the supporters of Bernie Sanders to put their support behind Hillary and to “unite” the Democratic party.

I’m sure Bernie Sanders is feeling the love from our current President right about now. It was only yesterday that Bernie…



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