Obama Apology Tour Continues – Visits Hiroshima On Eve Of Memorial Day

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President Obama didn’t formally apologize for dropping a nuclear bomb on Hiroshima, but he might as well have.

The optics of his visit to the historic site on the eve of Memorial Day are a slap in the face of our veterans.

Why not visit Auschwitz? Or how about Arlington Cemetery? Or just about anywhere other than Japan.

Of course, the Japanese suffered from those nukes. No question about it, but maybe for OUR Memorial Day…OUR President could have given his speech at Pearl Harbor!

He loves Hawaii enough. He could have played golf for a week, but he chose to talk about a nuke free world at the site where we actually dropped one.

This President is committed to being embarrassed for what we have done as a country and is thoroughly convinced if he begs for forgiveness enough the world will love us.

Newsflash! We don’t need…



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